Ideal Boilers introduces 10 year warranty on Logic heat exchanger

Ideal Boilers has introduced a free 10 year warranty on the heat exchangers in all Logic and Logic + boiler ranges, when installed with an Ideal system filter.

Installers are familiar with the peace of mind which comes when commissioning a boiler from the Ideal Logic+ boiler range, thanks to the 7 year warranty on parts and labour.

Now Ideal has added a free of charge 10 year heat exchanger warranty to the considerable advantages installers and householders enjoy when they choose a Logic or Logic +: for the installer it is easy to fit, commission and service, while simple to use controls, including annual service reminders, and quiet operation, are positives for the homeowner.

The installer-manufacturer relationship should be a partnership. Manufacturers need to provide as much support as possible, explains Carrie Young, Head of Marketing at Ideal Boilers.

An installer needs to have confidence that when they recommend a particular manufacturer, the installation and operation of their product will meet the customer's expectations.

The addition of a free 10 year heat exchanger warranty, over and above the parts and labour warranty for 2 years on the Logic range and 7 years on the Logic + range, gives the installer even greater confidence in the product, safe in the knowledge that repairs to the boiler can be carried out free, with minimal fuss and inconvenience to the homeowner.